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What I do

What I do is connect the dots. I’m a problem solver. I look for patterns and unearth solutions by combining out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideation.

I Coach.

Michael Jordan had a coach, Carson Wentz has a coach…so why don’t you?  In my coaching program I get to know you and your business in order to empower you with personal counsel and guidance to help push you to achieve your greatest goals and meet your organization’s specific needs.

I Speak.

I speak to build up, empower and encourage a new level. My goal is to call forth what is possible from within and provide practical and valuable strategies to actually bring that vision to life. I believe in identifying the root and eliminating it with new thoughts and new habits. Perspective is power.

I Write.

I write to inform, challenge and expand constructs that no longer serve us. I like to chronicle my own life as well as those around me to extract patterns that can be leveraged for growth and transformation. I want to leave my readers with new ways of doing things and innovative approaches to implement in their given situation.

Need advice?

Or maybe you have questions? Schedule a consultation call and gain greater clarity and insight to help expand your vision.

My e-Books & Courses

Learn and discover the tools necessary to transform your life. You only need to bring the desire and a heart to win. 


“So insightful and willing to share what he knows.”

Amy Mayka, ROI Group

My story

Blamah Sarnor is an established marketing strategist and consultant. A graduate of Bucknell University and native of Chester County, PA he has extensive  experience in business development and brand management. Blamah was mentored by the late Dr. Robert E. Linneman and his passion for creating profitable and sustainable businesses inspired him to work with with some of the most preeminent leaders and innovators in marketing and technology today.

More importantly however, he’s a business owner and entrepreneur by nature. In short, he lives very much in the “real world’. As he has learned there is a direct correlation between a business owner’s commitment to learning and their eventual level of success. 

Let me help you gain clear insight so you can see with sight beyond sight.