Turn Up the Volume: Using Content to Grow Your Brand and Attract Sales

Do you have a message? 

I mean something that resonates deep within you. You know…something that drives you or compels you to act? It’s who you are. It’s the core DNA of your brand and platform for your business.

Now let me ask you another question…

Are you being heard? 

Or do you feel invisible in a sea of noise. Maybe you realize that just because you post on your blog,  share your article, crafted your post or produce your video it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an audience. 

Point the finger


This is for one thing NOT your fault. You just need to be made aware of the rules of engagement. Now you probably are thinking to yourself… “I didn’t sign up for this! I just want to share my message and provide value to my clients.” 

Well I’m sorry to say this but you are in a battle. Yes, I said a battle. A battle for attention. We live in a day and time where people’s attentions are divided in so many directions. Therefore you are not competing in your industry or space alone but you are competing for the hearts and minds of  your target market.

Out of sight, out of mind


You have to learn the lay of the land. Where do your target market hang out?

What is the water cooler conversations that take place in your market? 

Who are the influencers in their lives?

Questions like these help to refine your approach and build a strategy. 

Here is where most people struggle…

“I have a website…I have a YouTube and a Facebook and even a Mailchimp account…

NOW what???”

The value is in the relationship NOT the list


Now you get consistent. You learn those platforms and how they work. 

You produce content that gets seen and heard on a regular basis. 

You think like a media company but act like a trusted adviser. By engaging with your audience and allowing them to feel heard so you can provide the max value by answering to their needs and wants. 

A new world, a new game


In this information age you have to be where your market is and that is just the first step. Then you have to communicate regularly and stay top of mind in the midst of global competition.

Content marketing is the answer but it is more nuanced then that…

Next Steps


Ok, now you have a shift in mindset, a plan to get started but now comes what separates wantrepreneurs from entrepreneurs…EXECUTION.

Go start creating NOW